Meet ossai Jennifer Amarachi- founder- Jenillow initiative

Behind the pretty smile on her face lies a fighter, a go-getter, and trend setter. After devoting her time and resources in serving humanity through various agencies, she wasn’t satisfied. Her quest to do more for her generation made her to go back to the drawing board to draft a new way humanity could be uplifted, and this gave rise to her N.G.O which she called “Jenillow initiative”.

Ossai amarachi hails form Aboh in Ndokwa East, but she was brought up in Onitsha. She stands tall as a registered nurse, registered public health nurse, registered mid wife. she also bagged a degree in nursing. Her experience as a health personnel makes her to stand out. She’s known for displaying impeccable and outstanding qualities as she diligently discharge her duties to the public.

According to her, the main aim of Jenillow initiative is to create extraordinary impacts in the young and old not withstanding the gender. And she’s already achieving this aim with the arsenals at her disposal. In the future, she intends to travel round the world making outstanding impact on both the young and old, and aiding them to reach their goals and destiny in life.



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