Jennnypha’s HESSA OUTREACH DAY CAMPAIGN experience

One of the greatest things that gives me joy and reason to live is being able to use my life to put a smile on that of other people out there and to create a path way for them to become the best they could ever had dreamt of. The University of Nigeria Enugu campus, faculty of Health sciences student’s association(HESSA) AWARENESS AND CAMPAIGN PROGRAM FOR THE GIRL CHILD led by Rt. Hon.Nwafia Ebuka James, inspired me to embark on a journey with my teammates, the world changers and this birthed the JENILLOW INITIATIVE team. The idea of this outreach was to educate young teenage ladies about menstrual cycle and the stigma associated with it. It is true, most of them have heard about it and probably going through it. But, it’s still not a bad idea if their knowledge of this issue is being stretched especially when this knowledge is being expanded by students and registered nurses that made up my team. First, i introduced myself and my team to the large audience that came to hear us speak, after which, I allowed our speakers to preach their gospel. But we didn’t leave without having a question and answer segment so we can be sure that these wonderful, precious, young and prospective young ladies followed all we told them.
Before we left, we made sure everyone in the audience got something. Some got school materials and supplies, while many got sanitary pads courtesy of
MOLPED(sanitary pad producing company). To educate women is to educate nations and generations to come. We strongly encouraged the young teens in our audience to take the knowledge they learnt back home and spread the good news, as this would lead to more awareness on the myth, truth and lies on about what menstrual cycle depicts. They were well taught that menstruation isn’t a thing to be ashamed of anytime it takes it’s course.

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