MC Snillow presents Kapon Empire Magazine

For the past couple of years, MC Snillow took a little time off from releasing new music so he can focus on expanding the Kapon Empire brand. First, he started off a syndicate radio show called African voice which airs on blessings radio 107.3fm in New York and other radio stations like 1k uncensored radio, mid west Minnesota radio and so on. When the world least expect it, he stretches the Kapon Empire fever with the launch of a new magazine. 


According to Snillow, it’s going to be a monthly story and lifestyle magazine, the articles will cut across every aspect of life with true inspirational stories of relationships, history and so on. To kick off the magazine, Jess Campbell was placed in the cover. It was a deliberate decision made by Snillow to celebrate Jess for her greatness and efforts to uplift humanity in her own little way. 


Order the first edition of the magazine here using this link below,



And watch the below video see the full content of the magazine

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