Awuke is a community known for its tourism center which is the Awuke beach. Besides the beauty of their beach, there are many Underprivileged people who no one knows of because much light has not been placed on the community’s people.
If you remember, during our ‘Just a pair of shoe program’ we did in 2019 that was conducted by CASI, a program that enabled us to distribute free shoes to school children in various communities in Enugu including awuke. During that time, we ran into ugonna Raphael, a boy that has a huge tumor on his head. With love, we made sure ugonna Raphael received adequate treatment and removal of that tumor. Today, ugonna is a free, happy kid again I decided to refresh you guys’ minds with the above past events, so you will know that awuke community is a community we have been dealing with and bringing smiles to her inhabitants these past years.
The recent encroachment of Islamic Fulani herdsmen terrorist group have crippled most communities including awuke, and their continuous presence in those communities makes it hard for humanitarians to visit such communities as no one knows when the Islamic Fulani herdsmen terrorist group will strike. Against all odds, I and my team took it upon ourselves to fearlessly move into this community again to salvage what is left off. This year, we started by providing clothes, food items, shoes, and so on, to a certain amount of widows that we can reach especially those that were hit hard by the current status quo.
We all know that the current status quo in our various communities will no longer be sustained, and the only way to do that, is to start with protecting,  providing, and taking care of the vulnerable ones, especially women and children, housing the wounded, and feeding the hungry, and that is what we the team of CASI, and KAPON EMPIRE,  is out to do. It may seem like a lot, but God got us.
Click on the below link to see a little highlight of the widow’s outreach event

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