Our old widows outreach on 1st March 2020

For long I have had it in mind to reach out to the suffering old widows of Nkwubo community in Enugu after it was brought to our attention that Nkwubo has no power supply, adequate health centers, nursing homes for the elderly, etc. And, The inhabitants of Nkwubo still live in huts and mud houses.

After a while of deliberations, am glad me and Kapon Empire Africa family were able to start up a journey with the suffering widows of this community who live in abject poverty with no hope of rescue from the government.

Food items, money, clothes and so on were given to them from us. But it doesn’t end there. The dream is to have a nursing home in that community where old people especially our mothers will be catered for till their creator call them.

Honestly, the biggest crimes against humanity are to see people suffer and do nothing.

The long walk to salvage nkwubo community by Kapon Empire Africa has just begone.



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