On November 6th 2019, mc snillow was on a Humanitarian mission which involves enlightening kids in AKWUKE COMMUNITY to stay in school and shun street life.

In that community, MC snillow met Ugonna Raphel. Ugonna is a kid who was born with an unknown tumour in his head. In his words, mc snillow sai- ‘my spirit was disturbed and I decided that I won’t let him go till he gets to being like every other normal kid’.

MC Snillow traced the kid back to his family house. As expected, he’s from a poor home and he lives in an uncompleted building with his mum and siblings. After MC SNILLOW’s conversation with his mum, it was clear that financial inabilities is the only reason why his mum couldn’t do anything about his situation. MC Snillow was touched and decided to help him. Let’s don’t forget, here in Nigeria West Africa, there’s no FREE health care. MC snillow knew this was going to cost a lot but still decided to push forward anyway.

From. November 6th 2019 to January 8th 2020, mc snillow have been running from one hospital to another, and from one doctor to another with Ugonna and his mum till he finally had his surgery on 8th January 2020 in UNTH ENUGU, NIGERIA.

Ugonna had a successful surgery, the doctors were able to remove the tumor in his head and he’s expected to keep going back and forth in the hospital for check up.

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