Nkwubo is a remote area with no signs of development seen in it as the habitants Still live in mud houses, no orphanage homes or child protection offices are available there, too. When the knowledge of this area was brought to MC Snillow and his kapon empire family, the need to do something arised. MC Snillow teamed up with rubies of care and compassion Africa to reach out to the youths of that community in a project which was themed – STREET 2 SCHOOL 2018.

Before they could get to the center of the community where they had a gathering with the inhabitants of the place, their car broke down three twice because of the bad roads in the area. They got to a point when they had to actually push their car out of a big pot hole so as to continue their journey.

Finally, when they got there, they were able to assemble some of the street kids in the community, as well as the elders of the community, too. A discussion was held with the kids and it was revealed that poverty, rebellious mindset of some youths, negligence from parents and guardians, death of parents and guardians were the most reasons why some of the kids in the community run away from home to live a street life.

To curb this menace, words of advice was issued to the kids and scholarship was given to the under privileged ones so as to enable them stay in school. Those who were already in school were also given free school supplies like books, bags, pen, textbooks and etc. A mentoring and monitoring team was also set up to watch the affairs of the kids to make sure the visit of MC Snillow, kapon empire and friends keep yielding good fruits.

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