MC Snillow is a conscious rap artist and a renowned humanitarian known for sending under privileged street kids back to school. Around August 2018, he embarked on a free scholarship program for some under privileged kids in nkomoro community near emene in Enugu.

On his first visit to the community, mc Snillow realized that besides the fact that the kids in this communities don’t go to school, the communities in general is facing a very bad health challenge that ranges from kwashiorkor, ring worm, poor drinking water and so on. After the school program he came for, he went back to Enugu, and arranged a group of people that aided him to serve nkomoro community for months by giving them free medical care. This free medical care program lasted from August till December with lots of kids and elderly people in the community benefiting from it.

He didn’t just stop there, him and his team wrote letters to the local government chairman of that community requesting that he should bring his attention to nkomoro community and provide them with just a medical center and also provide a good drinking water for them, because the community don’t have any of the two at all. Luckily their proposal got to the desk of Stanley, the man that runs UTOLF, a foundation owned by the wife of governor of Enugu state, mrs ugwuanyi. After much pressure, a center was agreed to be built for the people of Nkomoro Onu-agba community.

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