MC Snillow and His Kapon Empire Label embarks on GET SOME EDUCATION CAMPAIGN 2019.

MC Snillow was touched as he saw the the high rate of under privileged kids dropping out of school to hawk in the streets. These adorable kids don’t just hawk, they are also exposed to lots of streets vices at a very tender age. To help curb the situation, MC Snillow decided to initiate GET SOME EDUCATION CAMPAIGN, a project that’s aimed at taking at least 50 under privileged kids off the streets and back in school with school supplies, intuition, bags, uniform, and other school supplies.

This year, he placed his focus on UGBO-OYE Community around abakpa Nike in Enugu. Ugbo-oye is a slum which has lots of kids always running around hustling instead of being in school. After a sit down with some of the kids brought to his awareness, he proceeded to having a sit down with some of the parents of the kids in other to hear their stories to know how he can bring help to them.

Due to financial constraints, MC Snillow and his team couldn’t do all they wanted to do for the community. But at least they made a notable impact in the lives of People in that community.



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